Barbara Hoisl - Virtual Strategy Officer

Take Your Company to the Next Level

If you’re leading a fast-growing technology business, you know that strategy and business planning are key to taking the company where you want it to be.

Strategy & Business Planning Challenges

  • Are you presented with a strategic opportunity, for example building a strategic partnership?
  • Are you planning a strategic move, such as an acquisition?
  • Do you want to sharpen your message to raise a new round of financing?
  • Are you looking to ensure the exit-readiness of your business?
  • Would you like to periodically adapt and evolve your strategy and business plan?

In a high-growth environment, it is often hard to drive these important initiatives exclusively in-house:

  • Do you lack senior strategy professionals in-house?
  • Are you unable to allocate sufficient bandwidth?

Virtual Strategy Officer – Expertise On-Demand

This is where I can help: I bring the necessary skills and additional bandwidth to address strategic opportunities and to drive periodic strategy & planning efforts.

You get the expertise of a senior and highly experienced strategy professional – it’s like having a Chief Strategy Officer on your executive team. But collaboration is project-based and on-demand only.

Support through Consulting and Training Services

I support clients primarily through project-based consulting services in two categories:

  • projects to address specific strategic opportunities,
    for example building a key alliance, raising the next round of financing, acquiring a company, or positioning your own company for a successful exit
  • projects to drive periodic strategy & business planning efforts, for example strategy refresh in preparation of a board meeting

In addition to consulting, I offer a range of training courses on key strategy and business planning topics. 

Deep Expertise in Strategy for High-Tech Markets

My work is based on deep expertise from many years of direct, first-hand experience in business planning, strategy, and M&A for a leading global enterprise software business, and from consulting Internet and technology startups.

This industry-specific expertise is rather hard to find here in Europe – I’d love to use it to help you take your company to the next level!

Sounds Interesting? Let’s Talk!

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to contact me to schedule an initial exploration session.

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