Best Wishes for 2013 – As We Are Facing an Interesting Year for the Technology Industry

© Pitopia, Iwona Golczyk, 2012

© Pitopia, Iwona Golczyk, 2012

Returning from the holidays, I’d like to take the opportunity to wish everyone all the best for 2013!

I’m looking forward to an interesting year: I cannot remember a time when analysts were disagreeing that much on the outlook for major economies. Since the financial crisis in 2007/2008, economic certainties seem to have evaporated and many rules we took for granted are dissolving.

But we are not in a depression, so these times of change also present opportunities for innovators and we’re still seeing exciting growth in many sectors of the technology industry.

That’s why for the next few months, I’ll focus primarily on growth and innovation models that are specific to the technology industry – highlighting key concepts and in particular the application areas for each model, i.e. for which situations a model is appropriate, which challenges it’s supposed to address, or which problems it promises solve.

I’ll start with misconceptions regarding the Lean Startup framework resulting in statements such as “Lean Startup is not for everyone”, meaning not suitable for every startup. Well, no framework, approach, or model is suitable for every situation, so no surprise here … In any case, stay tuned for a dissection of these misconceptions and for a discussion of startup settings for which the Lean Startup model – even if properly understood – is not entirely suitable.

With this topic, I’m finally switching to English language for this blog. My focus is on strategies for innovation and growth in technology markets and in this space, the majority of the concepts originate from the US and other English-speaking countries anyhow. I’d like to contribute to this exciting, global conversation from a European perspective – and for a European, not just a German, audience.

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