Consulting Services – Strategy & Business Planning

I offer strategy & business planning services to growth companies in the high-tech industry, in particular software and Internet businesses. As a Virtual Strategy Officer, I bring the necessary skills and additional bandwidth to successfully address critical strategy and planning challenges.

Typical engagements either address specific strategic opportunities or drive periodic strategy & planning efforts.

Consulting to Address Strategic Opportunities

Strategic Business Development, M&A, Ensuring Exit-Readiness

  • partnering and alliances: evaluation of opportunities, coherent strategy
  • buy-side M&A: preparing for acquiring other companies
  • sell-side M&A: positioning the company for getting acquired on your own terms

Growth Strategy

  • market analysis: maturity levels, trends
  • strategic competitive analysis: what are your current and future competitors up to?
  • portfolio management: portfolio analysis and portfolio expansion strategy
  • market entry strategy for new products, applying well-proven methodologies,
    such as Customer Development and Lean Startup

Preparing a New Financing Round

  • strategy refresh, develop a compelling story from investor’s point of view
  • materials for investor search: developing comprehensive set of materials,
    including financial model, investor pitch, and business plan

Driving Periodic Strategy & Planning Activities

  • strategy refresh ahead of recurring board meetings
  • periodic business plan refresh:
    maintain growth and ensure continued success in a changing marketplace

Contributing Deep Expertise in Strategy & Planning for High-Tech Markets

My consulting work is based on deep expertise regarding the specific market dynamics and unique business models that characterize the high-tech industry.

I’m ready to work closely with key players from your organization to fully leverage the domain expertise that resides in your organization. As a side effect of the collaborative consulting approach, the strategy and planning expertise of leaders involved in the project will get a significant boost, enabling them to take strategic considerations into account in their respective area of responsibility.

Sounds Interesting? Let’s Talk!

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to contact me to schedule an initial exploration session.

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