Lean Startup News: 1st Leancamp in Stuttgart and more …

Lean Startup is becoming more and more mainstream in the startup world in Germany as well, and consequently, the first Leancamp in Stuttgart is coming up on August 3. There’s a new software app that supports Lean Startup in the enterprise, and Lean Startup made it on the cover of the Harvard Business Review.

  • The first Leancamp in Stuttgart, Germany will take place on August 3rd, 2013.
    A great opportunity for everyone interested in Lean Startup to boost their skills and to share real-world experience. Early Bird registration valid until July 14. 
  • Lean Startup Machine developed a software app to help larger organizations to leverage the power of the Lean Startup approach: “Javelin is Lean Startup software for enterprise teams to launch new products and improve existing ones. Currently in beta.”
    I strongly believe that adopting a Lean Startup approach could help larger organizations improve the chances of success for new product initiatives. However, while Lean Startup has become very well known in the startup world, it has not yet been broadly adopted in the enterprise world. Perhaps an app like Javelin can help accelerate enterprise adoption.
  • Back in May 2013, Lean Startup made the title of the Harvard Business Review: Steve Blank’s article “Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything” provides an excellent introduction to Lean Startup and Customer Development. A free reprint (PDF) is available from Steve Blank’s web site and I recommend this article to everyone who wants to get started on Lean Startup or just needs to understand the basic concepts.

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