1st Product Management Festival in Europe – Registration Starts

Product Management Festival 2013

Product Management Festival 2013

Registration just opened for the first Product Management Festival that will take place in September in Zurich. A limited amount of early bird tickets is available on a “first come, first serve” basis.

This new conference will provide an excellent learning experience and networking opportunity for product managers and decision makers in the software industry – in a truly special way.

How this Event is Special

  • The scope includes software product management: This is the first conference in Europe dedicated to the product management profession, with a strong emphasis on product management for complex product lines, technology offerings, and software products. See the conference program that is getting finalized right now
  • Unique (un)conference format: The organizers have chosen an innovative format to maximize learning, experience exchange, and networking: the first day is structured in a traditional conference set-up with keynotes and presentation tracks. This is complemented by an un-conference on the second day. In addition, in-depth tutorials by industry experts are offered during the 2 days before the conference (to be booked separately)
  • Great people: The conference is organized by a high-calibre organizing committee that includes representatives from major Swiss and European technology companies and financial institutions, European representatives from Google, eBay and Adobe, as well as several members of the  International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA). The ISPMA is part of the network of Friends & Associates. Through their extensive network, the organizers were able to create a great line-up of speakers.

Because of all that, I’m very much looking forward to this event: to meeting new people, hearing the latest about product strategy, meeting the organizers in person, and to presenting on the unique properties of digital business models.

I hope to see you in Zurich!

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