Resource List for Startups – Curated Content At Its Best

This week, I came across a list of tools for startups curated by Steve Blank.

I was totally excited and impressed with this page for three reasons: it is a great list of resources for entrepreneurs, it’s an excellent example for the value of curated content, and it shows how curated content can be a valuable contribution to a broader conversation on the web.

1. A Great List of Resources for Entrepreneurs

Great for everyone starting a new venture – and especially so if it is a risky new venture that requires experimentation to find the right business model. Experimentation in the sense of Lean Startup and Customer Development.

This is an extensive list covering tools and resources that help entrepreneurs to implement this experimentation process: from name finding and domain name reservation, to market research and survey tools, to product launch or screencasting tools.

2. An Excellent Example for the Value of Curated Content

The entire page consists of a set of links to tools, structured by their respective use cases. Sceptics might dismiss this as shallow since there is not much text written by Steve Blank himself.

But in this case, it’s not the amount of original text that counts: Steve Blank is the one who invented the Customer Development process, and he is closely involved as a teacher, mentor, and investor with a lot of Silicon Valley startups. So he knows the latest and greatest and most useful tools and resources.

Therefore, the listing of the tools, structuring them into groups (by use case), and the endorsement by Steve (who has seen them all) already provides tremendous value.

3. Joining the Conversation

And what I found extra special: the first section on the page is a list of links to web sites with similar lists of resources and tools for startups.

Why is that so special? Well, with the Internet and Social Media, the ideal is to “join a conversation” and not just broadcast and advertise your own content with the biggest mouthpiece you can get.

To me, with this set of links to similar resource lists, Steve turned his list into a contribution to a larger conversation. I find this highly respectful of the work of others, it weaves a fabric that helps to advance the state of practice for the startup community, and these links to other sites provide additional value to the reader.

So that’s why I love this list and why it inspires me: I hope that over time, I’ll also make valuable contributions to a larger conversation.

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