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Why M&A is the Preferred Exit Option for Technology Companies

An Interview with Harald Maehrle, Mummert & Company – Part I

Back in March, I participated in the 8th Technology Day, the annual conference for innovation and corporate financing in Munich, organized by Mummert & Company in cooperation with the Munich Network. That’s where I met Harald Maehrle, partner at Mummert & Company, a leading corporate finance consultancy firm headquartered in Munich. Mr. Maehrle presented a great overview on the exit options for European technology companies.

Harald Maehrle, Managing Partner, Mummert & Company

Harald Maehrle

A very interesting topic indeed, and so I thank Mr. Maehrle for sitting down with me for an interview to share his perspective on the exit situation in the European technology sector, and what companies can do to prepare for an M&A deal.

This is the first part of our interview – focusing on exit options for European technology companies.

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