Training on Key Strategy & Business Planning Topics

I offer a range of trainings on key strategy and business planning topics. The courses are available as in-house trainings to establish a shared understanding and common terminology among decision makers in your organization.

All trainings are designed from the ground up to account for the specific characteristics of high-tech markets. The trainings for software and Internet businesses focus on the unique business models that are possible for digital offerings.

All trainings are available in English or German language.

Specifically for Software and Internet Businesses

Financial Modeling: Dealing with Uncertainty
Building Financial Models for New Ventures in the Software and Internet industry – 4 hours

This training teaches how to build a financial model for a new venture, with a strong focus on the profit and loss statement (P&L). Participants gain a thorough understanding of  the “anomalies” that characterize the P&L for digital business models and master commonly used techniques to deal with the inevitable uncertainty.

Software Product Strategy: Unleashing the Power of Digital Business Models
Product Strategy for Software and Internet Offerings – 1 day

This training teaches the basics of product strategy – tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities presented by digital business models. Key topics include market segmentation, positioning, value proposition, pricing, ecosystem strategy, and performance and risk management.

Certified Software Product Manager – ISPMA Foundation Level 3 days

The training provides a solid foundation for planning and executing product management activities, based on the standard of the International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA). Attendees will be optimally prepared to certify as internationally acknowledged Certified Software Product Manager.
I offer this training in cooperation with Gerald Heller from 
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Training Program for Accelerators/ Incubators

Mastering the Technology Startup Process: The Quest for a Scalable, Repeatable, Profitable Business Model
Essential Strategy and Business Development Know-How for Technology Startups  – 1/2 day to 1 day per module

This modular training program will be tailored to the investment focus of the accelerator and brings startups up-to-speed quickly. It establishes a common understanding and shared terminology among portfolio companies and mentors, thereby maximizing the impact of the accelerator’s mentoring program.

Available modules include: the startup process: Lean Startup &  Customer Development, Business Model Generation, financial modeling, and product strategy for digital products.

Optional module specifically for B2B startups: technology adoption life cycle and B2B business models, assembling the whole product, partnerships and alliances.

Innovation in High-Tech Markets

Lean Startup: Successful Market Entry for Innovative Technology Products
An Introduction to the Lean Startup Approach – 1 day

This training teaches the key concepts and rationale, as well as the main practices of the Lean Startup method. It enables participants to tailor the method to the needs of their own market and organizational environment.

Please feel free to contact me directly in case of questions or if you are interested in other training topics.

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